Brazil: Guidelines for Alternative Conformity Assessment Procedure for Approval of Telecommunications Equipment with 5G Technology
On 8th July 2020, Brazilian Regulator - Agência Nacional De Telecomunicações (ANATEL) - released Official Letter No. 417/2020/ORCN/SOR - ANATEL to support the Approval process for 5G in this country, which remains in its initial stages. 
This notice applies to products that are undergoing conformity assessment, and to products that have 5G technology which are already released on the Brazilian market. A summary of the notice is as below: 
1. For products that are still undergoing conformity assessment, these must still be evaluated according to the current requirements (for bands 2G/3G/4G). Test reports from the designated laboratories must be submitted to support conformity with the technical requirements. 
For 5G technology, there are no local laboratories currently authorized to test for 5G. As it stands, manufacturers have the option to provide test reports issued by foreign test laboratories in order to support the approval process, up until 9th November 2020. After this date, it is expected that local test laboratories will be able to conduct 5G testing. 
The technical compliance requirements for 5G are outlined in Acts 3151, 3152 and 3153. 
2. For products which have been Approved in Brazil, but which are pending the submission of 5G test reports, manufacturers must provide these reports by no later than 9th November 2020 to maintain compliance. If manufacturers do not provide these reports or reports are found non-compliant, any units on the market must be recalled.