Malaysia: Public Consultation on Cellular Booster Equipment Regulations

On 21st August 2020, the Malaysian Regulator responsible for creating technical standards – Malaysian Technical Standards Forum Bhd (MTSFB) – released a new draft technical specification for cellular booster equipment.
The CBEs shall operate within the following frequency bands as defined in Tables 1, 2 and 3.
The maximum RF output power shall not exceed 22 dBm (EIRP) per carrier.
It shall fulfill the relevant requirements of this Technical Code on all the permitted frequencies which it is intended to operate.

Table 1. GSM/EDGE Operating band plan

Table 2. UMTS Operating band plans

Table 3. LTE Operating band plans

The public consultation is open until 20th September 2020. Any interested parties may submit comments, opinions or suggestions to MTSFB before this date.
The official website link of MTSFB is: