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5G Technology Research and Development of the Third Phase of the Work Started

Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the Notice on Starting the Third Phase of 5G R & D Test (hereinafter referred to as the Circular), requiring the relevant units to clarify the requirements, contents and indicators of the third phase of testing, accelerate the construction and optimization of the testing environment, Accelerate equipment R & D, carry out integration tests and strengthen co-ordination arrangements so as to achieve the basic objective of the third phase of testing by the end of 2018 and support the full scale 5G trial in China.

The Circular calls for focusing on 5G pre-commercial product R & D, verification and industrial collaboration, conducting pre-commercial equipment single station, networking and interoperability testing and interoperability testing of upstream and downstream systems, chips and meters The main link in the industrial chain basically reached the commercial level.

For the test environment, the "Circular" required the relevant units to coordinate their resources and expedite the completion of the construction and optimization of the 5G Lab of China Information and Communication Research Institute and the Beijing Huairou Outfield Test System to form a multi-vendor, indoor-outdoor testing environment to ensure that the third Stage test requirements.

The Circular calls for the development of equipment as soon as possible in accordance with the frequency band determined in the Circular on Issues Concerning the Use of Bands 3300MHz to 3600MHz and 4800MHz to 5000MHz in Generation 5 Mobile Communication Systems and to synchronously update equipment capabilities in line with standard developments and strive to launch 5G Pre-commercial products.

The Circular also put forward requirements for carrying out the fusion test. It is aimed at enhancing the mobile broadband, connecting the three scenarios with high reliability with low latency and large power consumption, and launching 5G typical application-related technologies to promote the development of 5G services and applications.

At the same time, the "Circular" encourages domestic and foreign enterprises to participate in the 5G technology research and development trials, laying a solid foundation for realizing the 5G commercial target and contributing to the global 5G technology and industrial development.