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Deployment of 2300MHz Band 4G Spectrum in India Idea

India chuangxiang company (Idea Cellular) recently announced that 4G will improve the network bandwidth and Maharashtra Goa region. According to the statistics of the user base and network infrastructure, Idea is the number one telecom operator in the two areas. Idea has doubled its existing 4G capacity by increasing the 1800MHz band spectrum of 5MHz, so users can experience the speed of two or three times faster than ever.

In addition, Idea is also planning to deploy 4G services at the 2300MHz TDD band, and the company is setting up a site for users to access the TDD band high speed 4G service.

In the 525 census towns and Maharashtra Goa and 7100 villages, Idea now has more than 7200 4G sites. The company plans to add more than 3700 broadband sites in the 2018 fiscal year and achieve more than 34000 web sites in two regions by the end of the year.