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MCMC Issued a New Announcement

The "communication and multimedia Committee (MCMC)" of the government affiliated to the Malaysia government recently issued a announcement: from January 1, 2018 onwards, the use of short distance devices (SRD) and radio frequency identification devices (RFID) operating at frequencies ranging from 869 MHz to 870 MHz and 868.1 MHz will be canceled.

Meanwhile, MCMC confirmed that the personal radio service (PRS) device whose operation frequency ranges from 477.0125 MHz to 477.4875 MHz and 477.5250 MHz-477.9875 MHz will only be allowed to use until December 31, 2020.

The specific frequency band and type of equipment are:

The new application and renewal of the existing approval of the equipment listed above will not be accepted. As for the ratification that has been obtained, it will be cancelled at the end of the respective grace period.