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Israel – Change of Type Approval Procedure for WWAN Devices

Previously, it was mandatory for each manufacturer to obtain a Type Approval certificate from the MoC for each WWAN device. In addition, each local importer of WWAN devices would require a cellular license from MoC, to include all cellular devices being imported into Israel under their license. Whenever a new cellular model needed to be imported, the license would be updated.

The New Approval procedure for WWAN devices in Israel is as follows:

1. Manufacturers no longer need to obtain Type Approval certificates for each WWAN device. The only requirement going forward is that a cellular license must be obtained in the name of each manufacturer local importer. Cellular licenses are valid for a period of 2 years.

2. Any cellular device can now be imported under this license without the need for a separate Type Approval certificate. It is no longer required to update the license each time a new WWAN device is being released into the country, however the local importer must disclose any models imported under their license to the MoC on a quarterly basis. This change affects any products containing a WWAN module, including products with combined technologies (e.g. BT, WLAN, NFC, etc.). This change also includes cellular modems.