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Paraguay – 4G LTE Band Requirements

Recently, Paraguay’s Regulator Comisión Nacional de Telecomunicaciones (CONATEL) confirmed a minimum set of requirements for Type Approval of devices supporting 4G functionality. Below is a summary:

(1)CONATEL has confirmed that any device supporting 4G LTE operation in the 700 MHz band must support LTE band 28.

(2)If a product supports 4G LTE operation in the 700 MHz band but does not support LTE band 28, CONATEL has confirmed that they will be unable to Type Approve the device, unless LTE is disabled for this country.

Currently, there are no Paraguayan cellular network providers that offer services in 700 MHz; a spectrum auction is underway for 700 MHz and it is unknown as to what providers will end up offering the service. However, CONATEL has confirmed it is a mandatory requirement for any device supporting 4G LTE operation in the 700 MHz band to support LTE band 28 in order to obtain Type Approval. CONATEL also stated there is no official Regulation in place which outlines these requirements, and have not indicated when an official notification will be published. Nevertheless, they have confirmed that the minimum 4G LTE requirements are effective immediately and apply to both new and renewal Type Approval applications.