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Brazilian Regulations Update

Brazil's official ANATEL has released the new law, Act nº 14448/2017, to replace Act nº 11542/2017, which was announced shortly before.

Local agents to help organize the relevant changes are as follows:

(1) EMC radiated emissions (CISPR 22) & immunity to radiated radio frequency disturbances (IEC 61000-4-3): In the past these tests could be omitted but under the new regulations products classified as Category II, such as BT / Wi -Fi products, wireless keyboards and mice, car remote controls and other products, will be required to enforce the radiated test, the new rule is expected to take effect April 2, 2018. 372-73 MHz, 74.6-74.8 MHz & 75.2-76 MHz : Spurious emissions must meet the new standard.

(2) 614 - 806 MHz to 614 - 698 MHz: Limits the available frequency band for the microphone.

(3) LoRa: The new standard allows products using LoRa technology to meet new requirements.

(4) 864-868MHz & 944-948MHz: Limit value is 250mW.

(5) Act 14448: The new statute also adjusts the order of the statutory content.

(6) The old regulation ANATEL Act 11542/2017 may be used in cases that were angry before January 2, but the test method must refer to Act 14448/2017.


(1) ANNEX I, which replaces Act 11542 with a new statute, is a description of the technical requirements and Act 11542, ANNEX II, is still valid and contains tests and methods for technical processes and mentoring laboratories.

(2) ANATEL Resolution 680/201: Normal emission limit value remains unchanged.