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Brazil Certification Information

The Brazil government issued the new regulation number 14448/2017 in January 2, 2018, which is suitable for the new technology demand of radio frequency equipment, instead of the original code number 11542 / 2017.

The main changes are:

(1) According to the new requirements of radiation emission (CISPR 22) and anti radiation radio frequency interference (IEC 61000-4-3) is to test the project, and will take effect in April 2, 2018 after 90 days after beginning the implementation.

(2) For the wireless microphone, the frequency range is adjusted from 614-806MHz to 614-698MHz.

(3) The test items using frequency expansion technology or other digital modulation devices are revised to meet the requirements of international standards, so that the devices that use LoRa technology can meet the new limit requirements.

(4) 864-868MHz and 944-948MHz: the limit value is 250mW.

(5) The cases applied before January 2nd can be used in the old ANATEL Act 11542/2017, but the test requirements must refer to the new regulation Act 14448/2017.