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Brazil ANATEL New Standards Replacement Notice

Please be informed on following Brazil ANATEL new standards replacement notice:
1. ANATEL has Published on January 2nd, 2018 the Act nº 14448/2017, the new technical requirements applied to Restricted Radiation Radio Communication Equipment (Unlicensed Devices), replacing the ANNEX I of Act nº 11542/2017.
All projects started before January 2nd can still being concluded with the old ANATEL Act 11542/2017, but the new process must follows the Act 14448/2017.
(1) This new Act will replace only the ANNEX I of the Act 11542, where the technical requirements are described. The ANNEX II of Act 11542 is still valid, where is described the technical procedures to guide the labs testing method.
(2) The ANATEL Resolution 680/2017, where the general emission limits is described still in force and it was not changed.
2. On Oct 13th, 2017 ANATEL published Resolution nº 686 revoking third six (36) ANATEL Resolutions within 120 days (due date Feb 12th, 2018).
And last Friday (Feb 9th, 2018) ANATEL issued third six (36) new standards (called Acts) to replace these Resolutions.
There are no changes, except the Resolution that become an Act with new cross references. This change become in force for all new ANATEL homologation application.

The new references for SAR, EMC and Safety:

Regulation For Certification And Homologation Of Telecommunication Equipments Regarding The Evaluation Of Specific Absorption Rate(SAR)
ANATEL Act.955/2018
Regulation To Certify Telecommunication Equipments Regarding Electric Safety Aspects
ANATEL Act.950/2018
Regulation For The Certification Of Telecommunication Equipments Concerning Electromagnetic Compatibility Aspects
ANATEL Act.952/2018