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Saudi Arabia's Latest Authentication Message

Saudi Arabia's latest SIRC certification, mobile and accessories export Saudi Arabia need a SIRC Certificate in February 15, 2018.

The Saudi standard bureau SASO has announced that since February 15, 2018, Chinese exporters and traders need to apply for SASO in advance and get the IECEE certification certificate (SASO IECEE Recognition Certificate). The Saudi CoC test will also require the customer to provide a SIRC certificate. In particular, the application for SIRC needs to provide an effective CB certificate and a CB report of the product.

The control of the products in the following three categories:

1. Mobile phones;

2. Mobile phone charger;

3. Electronic accessories for mobile phones (headphones, data lines, watches, etc.), do not contain cell phone batteries.

In order to avoid the delay of product clearance, Chinese exporters and traders should apply for SIRC certificate as soon as possible. If the CB certificate and report are not obtained, the manufacturer should apply to the approved CB laboratory as soon as possible.

Documents required to apply for SIRC:

1. Application form;

2. CB certificate;

3. CB report and Saudi deviation;

4. Product photo.