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Multi-city in Europe Will Carry Out 5G Application Measurement

University of Southampton recently released news that the school led a research industry consortium in many major cities in Europe to carry out the fifth generation mobile communications (5G) technology scenarios test in order to promote the large-scale popularization of this technology More feedback and experience.

The project coalition, entitled "Flames" won the European Union's support. During the three-year test period, Bristol, England and Barcelona, Spain will take the lead in testing, followed by testing in more European cities. The main focus of the test is on media services, exploring ways to enhance new media content creation, augmented reality games, urban sightseeing experiences and more customized mobile media services through 5G.

Through this test platform, companies in the creative industries, communications industries and smart city industries can test how 5G technologies enhance the user experience, reduce the complexity of media service development, and reduce the cost of providing real-time on-demand content in real-world urban settings.

Michael Bonifays, program coordinator and University of Southampton, said the test project provides industry professionals with an opportunity to explore consumer acceptance, service reliability, and related performance for 5G networks.

Currently all countries are accelerating the commercialization of 5G technology, the United Kingdom is no exception. The British government has previously allocated funding to support a number of research institutes to work together to build a comprehensive 5G test network.