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Vietnam Wireless Walkie Talkie Radio MIC Model Certification

According to MIC Vietnam's 42/2016 / TT-BTTTT announcement, Walkie Talkie radio radios require MIC type approval and declaration of conformity. Importers must also obtain an import license from Vietnam's Telecommunication Authority (VNTA) to import these products.

1. Applicable laws and regulations.

Depending on the type of antenna (integrated antenna or external antenna) and the interphone can only transmit voice or both voice and message, it will be handled in accordance with the Vietnamese National Technical Regulations of MIC Vietnam Notice 42/2016 / TT-BTTTT.

Lithium batteries for Walkie Talkie are not forced to get MIC approval.

2. Type approval certification procedures and requirements:

 The required documents for applying for Type Approval Certificate are as follows:

(1) Type approval application form;

(2) A copy of the applicant's business license in Vietnam;

(3) Product specification sheet or product data sheet;

(4) Eligible test reports (appropriate range) by MIC Vietnam at MRA's accredited local or overseas laboratories.

If the application meets MIC Vietnam and VNTA requirements, VNTA's Verification and Certification Center should review the application dossier and issue a type approval certificate within 2 weeks.

3. Declaration of Conformity and VNTA Import License Process

After obtaining the type approval for the walkie-talkie, the applicant must prepare a Declaration of Conformity file and apply for the VNTA for DoC again.

The required documents for the declaration of conformity are as follows:

(1) Declaration of conformity form;

(2) A copy of the product type approval certificate;

(3) Product specification sheet or product data sheet;

(4) A copy of the business license of the applicant;

(5) Applicant's ICT logo (TA's mandatory ICT logo with "NAME" and "CODE").