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INTI Is Temporarily Closed and Can Accept Foreign Reports Recently

INTI is the only local laboratory in Argentina that can test low-power products. However, at the end of January, an employee strike was reported. The laboratory is still closed. The consultation between the labor and management sides has still no results and there seems to be no solution.

Based on the above reasons, the official ENACOM decided last Friday that low-power products (such as RFID, NFC, WPC, etc.) can accept foreign reports.

Officials emphasized that this is an exception and should not be regarded as normal. If INTI returns to normal, it is still necessary to conduct local tests.

The following needs attention:

(1) Products other than low-power products do not fall within this scope of influence.

(2) Acceptable foreign reports include RED, FCC, ANATEL, IFETEL, IC, etc. If the product is a complete machine, it is necessary to provide a complete report instead of a module.

(3) If the test result value is presented in mW, the laboratory is required to additionally provide the test result converted to μV/m.

(4) If non-low-power products have been tested at INTI, then it is necessary to wait for the strike to resolve or replace the local testing laboratory.