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Brazil Laws and Regulations Renewal

For Radiated EMC testing requirement:

(1) From Res. 506 to Res. 680, there was no big changes in the RF aspects, except by the introduction of the radiated tests(immunity and emission), as we informed before.

(2) ANATEL postpone the date of that these tests will become mandatory. It was 2 of April and it can be postponed up to 2 of July or earlier if ANATEL issue the new requirements describing the testing conditions.

(3) All products that the renewal date is before 2th of July will not be affected and not testing will be necessary due to the changes of the Res. 506 to Res. 680, since for WLAN products there were no changes, however, after 2th of July (or earlier) the radiated tests may be required (it will depend on the ANATEL definition, probably only emission for RF modules and immunity and emission for all other telecom devices).

(4) For WWAN products, the testing fee already include Radiated EMC testing. This kind of device will not be impacted to that rule from act 14448 because it is only WWAN, no WLAN function.