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South Korea MSIT Releases New News

MSIT has published Broadcast and Telecommunication Devices' Conformity Assessment Rules version 2018-13 for new number system which will be effective on July 31, 2018. Transition period would be till June 30th, 2019.For the new application during this time, you could still use the previous R ID numbering rule; but after the transition period, new ID must be indicated. For the equipment already certified, there is no influence.

The main change for new number system is that local importers could apply for another R certificate with agreement (authorization) based on original certificate holder (foreign manufacturer or local importer).

R approval ID number comparison and change as below:

Before  (Rule version 2017-14)
R - C R M - A B C - X X X X X X X X X X X X X X

After (Rule version 2018-13)
R - C S - A B C - X X X X X X X X X X X X X X

Radio Law

Sort Code

Company Code

Product Code

1. ② Type of authentication:

Authentication type

Indication description


RF or Telecom

C (Certification)

Authentication of RF or Telecom

EMC Registration

R (Registration)

Product only EMC only

Interim Approval

I (Interim)

New technology products

2. ③ and ④ in the "Before" table are no longer used;

3. ③ Two or more importer application;

No: Overseas company or first importer;

S: second or more importers;


The original certificate ID is R-C-***-XXXXXXXXXXXXXX / R-R-***-XXXXXXXXXXXXXX;

The ID of the second or more local importers is R-CS-***-XXXXXXXXXXXXXX / R-RS-***-XXXXXXXXXXXXXX.