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India BIS Releases Latest Product Labeling Requirements

The BIS of India issued an announcement at the end of August, 2018, requiring that the final label information of the product must be consistent with the registration, and that no changes should be allowed without access. In addition, according to the new regulations issued by the BIS in July 2008, the relevant product labels need to be associated with the BIS website, that is, "the official website of the BIS, www.bis.gov.in, should be marked on the labels of products, packages or their products for users to verify authenticity".

The requirements for the latest product logo of India BIS are as follows:

1. The official website of BIS is www.bis.gov.in, which is identical to the font size of Standard Mark's registration number (Arial, no less than 6);

2. the website is marked in the vicinity of Standard Mark;

3. the mandatory time for new labeling requirements is March 1, 2019.