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The EC Plans to Develop Common Standards for Mobile Phone Chargers

The European commission (EC), which has been pushing the development of universal chargers for nearly a decade, has pointed out that discarded chargers generate more than 51,000 tonnes of electronic waste a year and cause inconvenience to consumers.

Note that in December 2018, the EC published an impact assessment, commonly known as a road map, on legislative measures for universal chargers for mobile phones and other compatible devices, and invited comments on the issue by January 31, 2019. The EU internal market, industry, entrepreneurship and small and medium enterprises (DG GROW) is responsible for the legislation, which aims to set common standards for mobile phone chargers for mobile phones sold in the region. If the proposed legislation is passed and adopted, all mobile phone chargers sold in the EU will be subject to the new common standards.

For a long time, iPhone and Android phone users have been required to use different types of charger, which has caused inconvenience to users and increased the burden of environmental protection. The EC is clearly unhappy with the situation and is pressing for legislation to change the fragmented nature of this type of charger.