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New Requirements for Air Conditioners Came into Force in Panama

Starting from December 28, 2018, Panama bans import and commercialization of Inverter, Split, Window, and Central air conditioners, if they don’t comply with the existing requirements.

Importers, manufacturers or sellers must follow two rules:

1. The new Technical Regulations require compliance with the minimum energy efficiency indexes contained in the Technical Standards for the above-mentioned equipment. The certificate is required to guarantee that this equipment complies with the indexes.

2. The new Technical Regulations establish energy efficiency labels that must be visible to the consumer. A product must contain a label in Spanish which indicates the equipment consumption and has information about the importer, product type, brand, model, cooling capacity, power, and savings.

Please, note that from June 28, 2019 products that do not comply with the foregoing requirements will be prohibited from selling to end-users in Panama.