Moldova ANRCETI Permits The Use Of WLAN Band 5945-6425 MHz
On April 8, 2022, National Agency for Electronic Communications and Information Technology (ANRCETI) of Moldova published “Resolution No. 5 dated on March 31, 2022” as amendment of ANRCETI “Decision No. 126 dated on June 2, 2009”, which allows the use of frequency band 5945-6425 MHz, detailed information is described as below,
The radio access of WLAN in the frequency band 5945-6425 MHz is permitted under following conditions, according to ECC decision (20) 01:
1. Low power indoor (LPI) device, limited to 23 dBm EIRP, is restricted to indoor use only;
2. Very low power (VLP) device, limited to 14 dBm EIRP, is allowed to use indoor and outdoor.
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