Russia Simplified The Importing And Marking Procedure
On July 22, 2022, The Government of Russian Federation officially published Decree No. 1249 “amendments to Appendix No. 18 to Decree of Decree No. 353" with immediate effect. With issuance Decree No. 1249, there is greater flexibility in importation and affixing conformity mark of products.
1. When importing products under mandatory regulation for mass-produced products (serial produced products) of EAEU by providing EAC DoC/CoC. It is not required to provide customs the documents (such as Power of Attorney), which can confirm the right to use DoC/CoC.
2. By March 1, 2023, if the products comply with Russian Law "Technical Regulation" paragraph 3 of Article 46 - the product is allowed to be marked with conformity mark or mark of circulation.
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