Korea RRA Launch Public Consultation On Revision Of Technical Standards For Wireless Equipment About Telecommunications Services
On October 4, 2023, the National Radio Research Agency (RRA) of Korea issued Announcement No. 2023-84 to launch a public consultation on partial revisions to the "Technical Standards for Wireless Equipment about Telecommunications Services". The main contents are as follows:
1.Clarification of the expression in the table "Additional unnecessary triggering conditions" for LTE wireless facilities.
2.Clarification of the expression of the frequency range for measuring the "adjacent channel leakage power" of narrowband IoT radio equipment, clarification of the expression of the "additional unnecessary triggering conditions" table.
3.Amendment of the table of "Out-of-band emission conditions" for 5G mobile communication terminals to simplify the expression in accordance with the international standard (ITU/3GPP), and relaxation of some specifications.
All parties concerned can submit comments and suggestions to RRA before December 4, 2023.
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