Malaysia SIRIM Issues New Version Of Intellectual Property Authorization Letter And Undertaking Form

On March 14, 2024, the Standard of Industrial and Research Institute in Malaysia (SIRIM) issued Announcement Ref. No.: SQASI/CMCS/1/24/0003, clarified the documents that applicants need to submit if they are not the owner of a trademark/brand name. Details are as follows:


Required Document

Applicant had been authorized by the trademark / brand name owner

i. Evidence of registration certificate issued by Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia (MyIPO) or equivalent foreign organization;

ii. Intellectual Property (IP) Authorization Letter

The applicant did not obtain the written consent and authorization to use the trademark/brand

Intellectual Property (IP) Undertaking form issued by the applicant

This announcement is effective from the date of issuance. For more information about the new version of Intellectual Property Authorization Letter and Undertaking Form, please contact MRT team.
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