TEC Of India Extends Exemption And Mandatory Certification Dates For Certain Products
On July 1, 2024, the Indian Telecommunication Engineering Centre (TEC) announced an extension for the mandatory certification dates and the acceptance date of ILAC reports for products listed under Phase-III, IV, and V of MTCTE. The modifications are as follows:
1. Extended Mandatory Certification Dates until October 1, 2024
a) Smart Electricity Meter (Phase III)
b) Satellite Communication Equipment (Phase IV)
c) Base Station for Cellular Network for 5G (Phase V)
d) Hypervisor (Phase V)
e) IP Terminal (Phase V)
2. Extended ILAC Report Acceptance Dates until September 30, 2024
* The test reports issued by ILAC signatories (other than border sharing countries) should not be older than two years on the date of submission on MTCTE Portal.
a) Base Station for Cellular Network (up to 4G) (Phase-III)
b) SIM (Phase-IV)
c) VHF UHF Radio Equipment System (Phase-IV)
d) Base Station for Cellular Network for 5G (Phase-V)
e) E-band Fixed Radio Relay Systems (Phase-V)
On the same date, TEC also announced the extension of exemptions regarding various parameters for different product categories, including Mobile Radio Trunking System, Repeater for Cellular Network, Precision Timing Protocol Grand Master Equipment, VHF UHF Radio System Equipment, Radio Broadcast Receiver, ADSLx, VDSLx, Optical Fiber (Single Mode), Optical Fiber Cable, HF Radio System, GPS, and the PON Family of Broadband Equipment.
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