Taiwan BSMI Issued the Amendments of Conformity Mark
On January 11st, 2022, The Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection, M.O.E.A (BSMI) in Taiwan published the amendments of Conformity Mark regarding to QR Codes and update the Article 3 and 9.
This amendment specifies the designated codes according to different inspection methods which approved by BSMI and where the product announced by BSMI to include a QR Code, should obey the following regulations:
1.Should made an application to the BSMI for QR code before a certificate is issued or when applying a registration of declaration of conformity.
2.The product which obtained the registration certificates before the announcement of products to bear QR code comes into effect, the application for QR code shall be made before the products are imported or transported out of the factory.
For products announced by the BSMI to include a QR code in the designated code, if the product is too small or for other specific causes to label the mark, they could be labeled as below:
1.If there is a package, it shall be marked on the smallest package.
2.If there is no package or the package is not suitable for marking QR code, it shall be marked by hanging.
3.Those that are not suitable to be marked by the above two ways, the QR code should be placed in the package.
4.Other ways approved by the BSMI.
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