India TEC Confirmed The Exemption For Parameters Of PON ER Under MTCTE
The Telecommunication Engineering Centre (TEC) on August 10th of 2022 confirmed exemption for few parameters of “PON Family of Broadband Equipment” as follows:
1. Automatic Laser Shut-Down (ALS) or Automatic Power Shut-Down (APSD), with reference to standard "ITU-T G.664. IEC 60825. Annex-A1"; a Self-declaration by applicant is acceptable now.
2. ECR (Energy Consumption Rating), with reference to standard "TEC 74046 Annex-R"; the parameter is exempted till December 31st of 2022 or till further notice.
3. Protocol Test for any PON interface, with reference to each standard of interface that mentioned in PON ER (Essential Requirements); the parameters are exempted till February 9th of 2022 or till further notice.
Please note that products of “PON Family of Broadband Equipment” is under MTCTE phase 2, which are under mandatory approval nowadays.
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