EEC Issue Simplified Customs Procedure Under EAEU
Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) published Decree No. 158 (dated on 17th October of 2022); this Decree confirms possibility of temporary simplified procedure for importation, which is very similar to simplified procedure described in Decree No. 353 of Russian Federation. Please find below summarized points:
1. Until 1st September of 2023, EAC mark/label is allowed to be affixed AFTER the customs procedure, BEFORE the sales to market;
2. Until 1st September of 2023, all the members of EAEU are allowed to establish their own simplified procedure under EEC Decree No. 130; please note that the requirements under EAEU/Customs Union technical regulation is still a MUST to be fulfilled.
The Decree No. 158 will take effect from 17th November of 2022.
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